Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi

Daily Tour of Pergamon and Asklepion: The city of Pergamon, the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamene, is on top of the Acropolis. Join Pergamon Tours and book the daily tours of Turkey through Romos Travel.

Duration: 8 hrs.

Departure: Kusadasi Cuise Port or Hotel

Destinations: Pergamon Ancient City, Asklepion Ancient City

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, and Japanese

Pergamon Asklepion Tour

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up and drive you to the old city of Pergamon, which is near the town we now call Bergama. The Acropolis of Pergamon stands tall over Bergama’s northern end. It is split into an upper city and a middle city, with residential areas on hills too steep for government buildings in between.

To get to the top of the hill and see the Acropolis, you take a cable car. The Roman Emperor Hadrian built the Temple of Trajan in the second century AD. The old world’s steepest theater was built in the third century BC. Eumenes II rebuilt it again, and it has 10,000 seats. North of the stage is where the temple of Dionysus is.

And some others, like the bath complex, agora, temple of Demeter, the gate of Eumenes, house of Attalus, etc.

After Pergamon, we drive to Asklepion, a Greco-Roman city where death will not enter. In the 4th century BC, Asclepius had a healing center and hospital building.

With its healing ways and buildings, it was one of the most important cities. The Romans also built a theater that could hold 3,500 people in the city of Asklepion. Temples and places of worship The carved stone with the two snakes has become a sign of medicine. You will be taken back to your hotel after the tour.


A licensed guide who speaks English or another language of your choice
A luxury car with air conditioning and a driver
Service to pick up and drop off
Costs to get into the museums and places on the above schedule


Gratuities to the guide and driver
Personal things
Anything not specifically listed as included

Extra Information:
It is a good idea to bring a camera, a hat, and shoes that are good for walking.

Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi
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    asklepion and pergamon tour turkey
    asklepion and pergamon tour turkey

    Guided Private Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi

    Embark on a journey back in time with the Guided Private Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi. This exclusive experience is tailored for travelers who prioritize personalization and intimacy, offering a unique chance to explore one of Turkey’s ancient gems with a dedicated guide.

    From the bustling port town of Kusadasi, you’ll venture to the ancient city of Pergamon, home to the famous Asklepion, an ancient medical center dedicated to the god of healing, Asclepius. With your private guide, you’ll delve deep into its storied past, unraveling the secrets of ancient medical rituals, treatments, and therapies.

    This tour promises not only an insight into the historical and architectural marvels of Pergamon but also a personalized experience, ensuring you absorb every detail at your own pace.

    Pergamon Asklepion Tour

    The Pergamon Asklepion Tour offers an immersive dive into one of the most significant archaeological sites in Turkey. Located in the heart of ancient Pergamon, the Asklepion was more than just a sanctuary; it was a therapeutic center where the sick would come seeking cures from the gods.

    This comprehensive tour guides visitors through the sacred grounds, offering a thorough overview of their historical significance and architectural wonders. Witness the ancient theater, the sacred fountain, and the underground tunnels used for therapeutic purposes.

    As you meander through these ancient stones, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Greco-Roman world’s dedication to medicine and healing.

    asklepion pergamon tour
    asklepion pergamon tour

    Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi Selcuk

    Join us on a cultural adventure as we journey from the coastal town of Kusadasi and the historical town of Selcuk to the magnificent ruins of Pergamon. The Pergamon Asklepion Tour from Kusadasi Selcuk combines the best of regional history with the convenience of modern-day touring.

    Starting from these renowned towns, famous for their proximity to the ancient city of Ephesus, this tour takes you further north to the remnants of Pergamon. Here, the focal point is the Asklepion, a testament to ancient medical prowess. With expert guides leading the way, you’ll uncover the therapeutic techniques once employed here and marvel at the intricate designs of this healing sanctuary.

    This journey offers both historical depth and a comfortable connection between two of Turkey’s most visited tourist hubs.

    Pergamon Asklepion Day Tour from Kusadasi

    Experience a day filled with history, architecture, and stories of ancient healing on the Pergamon Asklepion Day Tour from Kusadasi. This full-day excursion is perfect for those based in or visiting Kusadasi who yearn for cultural exploration.

    The tour begins with a scenic drive from Kusadasi to the ancient city of Pergamon, setting the tone for a day of discovery. On arrival, you’ll be introduced to the Asklepion, a revered healing center of the ancient world.

    Walk the sacred paths, explore the therapeutic rooms, and learn about the rituals that once took place here. Expert guides will ensure you leave with a rich understanding of this archaeological gem, and the comfortable journey back to Kusadasi will give you time to reflect on your day amidst the echoes of the past.

    asklepion tour turkey
    asklepion tour turkey

    Kusadasi Pergamon Asklepion Tour

    Experience the magic of ancient history with the Kusadasi Pergamon Asklepion Tour. Beginning in the picturesque coastal town of Kusadasi, this journey takes you to the heart of Pergamon, an ancient city renowned for its archaeological significance.

    Explore the majestic ruins, and as the highlight, delve into the mysteries of the Asklepion. This ancient therapeutic center stands as a testament to the medical innovations of ancient civilizations.

    With knowledgeable guides leading the way, you will navigate through a maze of sacred structures and therapeutic chambers, uncovering stories that span millennia. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious, this tour offers a captivating look into Turkey’s rich past.

    Pergamon Tour

    The ancient city of Pergamon awaits you with its splendid history and awe-inspiring ruins. On the Pergamon Tour, visitors will traverse the landscape of this once-great city, which played a pivotal role in the Hellenistic and Roman eras.

    From the grandeur of the Acropolis with its temples, theaters, and famous library to the intricate details of civic buildings and public spaces, this tour showcases the artistry and innovation of ancient Pergamon’s inhabitants.

    Throughout the journey, expert guides will illuminate the city’s historical significance, providing insights that enrich your understanding of this archaeological treasure.

    pergamon asklepion tour
    pergamon asklepion tour

    Asklepion Tour

    Step back in time and explore the wonders of the Asklepion Tour. The Asklepion, an ancient healing center, stands as a symbol of medical advancements and spiritual practices intertwined in the ancient world.

    Located in the vicinity of Pergamon, this sanctuary was not just a place of worship but a center where patients sought cures, relying on both divine intervention and tangible treatments. As you wander its sacred grounds, you’ll encounter remnants of therapy rooms, a theater where patients found solace in entertainment, and ritualistic spaces dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine.

    The Asklepion Tour, which provides a perspective that is both educational and awe-inspiring, offers a singular opportunity to delve deeply into the healing practices of ancient civilizations under the guidance of experienced experts.

    Pergamon Turkey

    Nestled in the modern-day town of Bergama in western Turkey, the ancient city of Pergamon stands as a testament to the grandeur of civilizations past. Once a major cultural and political center during the Hellenistic period, Pergamon is renowned for its rich history and impressive ruins.

    Its Acropolis, perched high above the surrounding plains, showcases remnants of palaces, temples, and a notably steep amphitheater. The city was also home to the famous Pergamon Library, once rivaled only by the Library of Alexandria.

    Today, Pergamon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, drawing visitors from around the world to witness its archaeological splendor and immerse themselves in its historical tales.

    pergamon tour turkey
    pergamon tour turkey

    Asklepion Turkey

    Just a short distance from the heart of ancient Pergamon lies Asklepion, one of the most famous healing centers in the ancient world. Dedicated to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, the Asklepion was both a sanctuary and a pioneering medical facility. Beyond its spiritual significance, it was here that treatments combining both religious rituals and early medical practices were conducted.

    The complex comprises a series of sacred pools, sleeping chambers for dream-based diagnosis (known as incubation), a theater for therapeutic performances, and various treatment rooms.

    The renowned physician Galen began his illustrious career here, further solidifying Asklepion’s reputation in medical history. Today, the ruins provide a fascinating glimpse into early medical practices and the deep spiritual beliefs that accompanied them.


    Pergamon, often referred to in modern times as Bergama, was an ancient Greek city located in today’s western Turkey. Established during the Archaic Period, it rose to significant prominence during the Hellenistic era under the Attalid dynasty.

    Pergamon’s strategic location and formidable acropolis made it a jewel of the region, influencing politics, culture, and trade. Apart from its famous library and the aforementioned Asklepion, Pergamon was also known for the development of parchment, which was used extensively for writing after the city’s rivalry with Alexandria resulted in a papyrus shortage.

    Pergamon’s ruins, scattered across a landscape with an imposing acropolis, remain a poignant reminder of its once-great status in the annals of history.

    turkey tour package with pergamon and asklepion
    turkey tour package with pergamon and asklepion


    Q: What is the Pergamon Asklepion Tour?

    The Pergamon Asklepion Tour is a guided excursion to the ancient medical center of Asklepion, located in Pergamon, starting from Kusadasi.

    Q: How long is the tour?

    The tour typically lasts a full day, which includes travel time to and from Kusadasi.

    Q: What is the historical significance of Asklepion?

    Asklepion was one of the most famous ancient medical centers, dedicated to the god of medicine, Asklepios. It served as both a temple and a healing center.

    Q: How do I book the tour?

    You can book the tour through our online platform.

    Q: What is the cost of the tour?

    Prices vary based on the season. It’s best to check with our tour operator for the most current prices.

    Q: Is transportation provided?

    Yes, round-trip transportation from Kusadasi to Pergamon Asklepion is typically provided.

    Q: Are meals included in the tour?

    Lunch is not included in the tour. You can ask about what to eat during the tour.

    Q: What should I wear or bring on the tour?

    Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen, a hat, water, and a camera.

    Q: Is the tour suitable for children or elderly individuals?

    While the historical site is fascinating for all ages, the terrain can be uneven. It’s recommended for those who can manage some walking. However, always consult with the tour provider regarding any concerns.

    Q: Can I get a private tour?

    Yes, this tour is organized as a private one.

    Q: Are guides available in other languages?

    Many tours offer multilingual guides. However, it’s best to confirm the available languages when booking.

    Q: How much time is spent at the Asklepion site itself?

    Tourists usually spend 2 to 3 hours at the site, but this can vary based on the specific itinerary.

    Q: Is there a museum or visitor center at Asklepion?

    Yes, there’s a small museum showcasing artifacts from the site.

    Q: Are there restroom facilities at the site?

    Yes, restroom facilities are available for visitors.

    Q: Can I buy souvenirs at or near the site?

    Yes, there are souvenir shops at the entrance and nearby areas where you can purchase mementos.

    Q: Are there any restrictions or guidelines I should be aware of when visiting?

    It’s important to be respectful of the historical site. Avoid touching or leaning on ancient structures, and always follow the marked paths.

    Q: Is it wheelchair-accessible?

    Some areas of the Asklepion site may be challenging for wheelchair users due to uneven terrain.

    Q: Can I visit Pergamon Asklepion without a tour?

    Yes, you can visit independently, but joining a tour can provide deeper insights into the history and significance of the site.

    Q: What other sites are nearby or included in the tour?

    Please read the itinerary to see what activities are included.

    Q: Is there a best time of year to take the tour?

    Spring and fall are ideal times due to milder weather, but the tour operates year-round. Summer can be hot, so if you visit then, be prepared with sun protection.