Private Ephesus Sirince Village Tour

Duration: 8 hrs.

Pick-up and Drop-off: Kusadasi Port or Hotel

Destinations: the House of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus, the Terrace Houses, and Sirince Village

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, and Japanese

Ephesus Sirince Village Tour

The visit to Ephesus, which included the Terrace Houses, the House of the Virgin Mary, and Sirince Village, is a good reason to take this tour.

After meeting your private guide at the Kusadasi Port or Hotel, you will take a beautiful 40-minute drive to the House of the Virgin Mary, which Pope Paul VI declared a pilgrimage center in 1967. The Pope said, “She might have spent her last days here.”

When you spend almost an hour at the spot, you can feel the holy time.

After you have seen the House of the Virgin Mary, it will take you 5 minutes to get to the upper gate of Ephesus. From there, the plan is to go to the old city. Your private driver will wait for you at the lower gate while you and your guide walk down the hill.

The ancient city, including the terrace houses, will take 3 hours to see.

You will have a chance to spend a short time in the top souvenir area before going to the ancient site. At the lower gift area, you will have a lot more time.

As an expert scholar leads you through the main streets of Ephesus, you will see buildings made of marble that were built between the 1st and 7th centuries AD.

The Great Theatre is the only ruin from the 3rd century BC, and it is also very important for Christians. Because Saint Paul the Apostle preached to the Ephesians there.

As you go through the Magnesian Gate, you will see businesses, government buildings, and a pillared Augustus Basilica at the State Agora.

As you walk down the main streets, your guide will tell you basic facts and history about fountain decorations, statues, and the famous temples of Emperors Domitian, Trajan, and Hadrian.

When you go through the Hercules Gate, you will see the Celsus Library. It was the third-largest library in ancient times, after Alexandria and Pergamum. It had more than 12,000 scroll books.

The Terrace Houses are a unique old place on the slopes of Bülbül (Coressus) Mountain. They are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They were where the rich people of Ephesus lived. Every corner of the Terrace Houses shows how rich the people of Ephesus were. There are frescoes, mosaics, and private heating systems. From the front door to the upper exit, there are 80 steps. There is a different fee to get into Terrace Houses, which is part of the archaeological site. (And this tour takes you there.)

As you get close to leaving the old city, there is a souvenir area with restrooms and shops.

The schedule will move on to Sirince Village, which is 15 minutes from Ephesus. It is a well-known place for tourists to visit because of its Greek and Ottoman-era homes, shopping streets, and wineries. (It takes 1 hour.)

Your guide will also suggest a local place for lunch and tell you about traditional things to see and do while you are there.

Kusadasi and the area around it are seasonal and laid-back. And each site is only about 5 minutes away by car.

So, people have a good time when they go to places like a weaving school or a ceramic art center.

The tour comes to an end in Kusadasi.


A licensed guide who speaks English or another language of your choice
A luxury car with air conditioning and a driver
Service to pick up and drop off
Costs to get into the museums and places on the above schedule


Gratuities to the guide and driver
Personal things
Anything not specifically listed as included

Extra Information:
It is a good idea to bring a camera, a hat, and shoes that are good for walking.

Private Ephesus Sirince Village Tour
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    ephesus and sirince village tour
    ephesus and sirince village tour

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    self schedule ephesus and sirince tour
    self schedule ephesus and sirince tour

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    sirince village tour
    sirince village tour

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    sirince village
    sirince village

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    Ephesus is one of the most renowned ancient cities of the Aegean region, located near the modern town of Selçuk in Turkey. Once a thriving port city, Ephesus is now an archaeological marvel, showcasing a blend of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine influences.

    Famous for its monumental structures like the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), and the Great Theatre, Ephesus attracts millions of tourists annually.

    Its well-preserved ruins tell the story of a city that was a significant center of commerce, religion, and intellectual life in antiquity, and its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site underscores its enduring importance in the global cultural landscape.

    tour of sirince village and ephesus from kusadasi port
    tour of sirince village and ephesus from kusadasi port

    Sirince Village

    Sirince Village is a charming village near Ephesus, known for its traditional 19th-century Ottoman architecture, cobbled streets, and lush vineyards. Often included as a part of tours to Ephesus or as a separate day trip, Sirince offers a delightful contrast to the ancient ruins, providing a glimpse of rural Turkish life.

    Famous for its wine, particularly fruit wines, Sirince has a thriving local craft scene, with many shops selling homemade products and traditional Turkish crafts. The village’s warm hospitality, panoramic views, and unique cultural offerings make it a favored destination for those looking to experience a more authentic and serene side of Turkey.

    Whether sipping wine at a local vineyard or wandering through the narrow, winding streets, visitors to Sirince Village are transported to a simpler and enchantingly beautiful time and place.