Tour of Ephesus Museum Virgin Mary House

tour of ephesus museum virgin mary house

Duration: 6 hours

Pick-up and Drop-off: Kusadasi Port or Hotel

Destinations: Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary, and the Ephesus Museum.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, and Japanese

Ephesus and Virgin Mary House Tour

The visit to Ephesus, which included the House of the Virgin Mary and the Ephesus Museum, is a good reason to take this tour.

After meeting your private guide at the Kusadasi Port or Hotel, you will take a beautiful 30-minute drive to the House of the Virgin Mary, which Pope Paul VI declared a pilgrimage center in 1967. The Pope said, “She might have spent her last days here.”

When you spend almost an hour at the spot, you can feel the holy time.

After you have seen the House of the Virgin Mary, it will take you 5 minutes to get to the upper gate of Ephesus. From there, the plan is to go to the old city. Your private driver will wait for you at the lower gate while you and your guide walk down the hill.

To see the ancient city, it will take 2 hours.

You will have a chance to spend a short time in the top souvenir area before going to the ancient site. At the lower gift area, you will have a lot more time.

As an expert scholar leads you through the main streets of Ephesus, you will see buildings made of marble that were built between the 1st and 7th centuries AD.

The Great Theatre is the only ruin from the 3rd century BC, and it is also very important for Christians. Because Saint Paul the Apostle preached to the Ephesians there.

As you go through the Magnesian Gate, you will see businesses, government buildings, and a pillared Augustus Basilica at the State Agora.

As you walk down the main streets, your guide will tell you basic facts and history about fountain decorations, statues, and the famous temples of Emperors Domitian, Trajan, and Hadrian.

When you go through the Hercules Gate, you will see the Celsus Library. It was the third-largest library in ancient times, after Alexandria and Pergamum. It had more than 12,000 scroll books.

The Terrace Houses are a unique old place on the slopes of Bülbül Mountain (Coressus). They are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They were where the rich people of Ephesus lived. Every corner of the Terrace Houses shows how rich the people of Ephesus were. There are frescoes, mosaics, and private heating systems. From the front door to the upper exit, there are 80 steps.

Inside the archaeological site, there is a different fee to get into the terrace houses.

If you want to see inside one of them, you should take a tour of Terrace Houses. Please ask what you need to know.

As you get close to leaving the old city, there is a souvenir area with restrooms and shops.

After seeing the ancient site, it takes 5 minutes to get to the Museum of Ephesus, which changed into its current form with a new display layout in 2014. Many of the important artifacts found during excavations are on display in the museum. The halls are set up according to what they are about. Before going into the sections, tourists can also watch the Ephesus simulation at the entrance.

You will see Artemis statues, the marble heads of Philosopher Socrates and Emperor Marcus Aurelius, an ivory freeze next to the Terrace Houses, a bronze Egyptian priest, a bronze model of Eros on a dolphin, coins from Ephesus, and more. (The time is 30 minutes.)

Your guide will also suggest a local place for lunch and tell you about traditional things to see and do while you are there.

Kusadasi and the area around it are seasonal and laid-back. And each site is only about 5 minutes away by car.

So, people have a good time when they go to places like a weaving school or a ceramic art center.

The tour comes to an end in Kusadasi.


A licensed guide who speaks English or another language of your choice
A luxury car with air conditioning and a driver
Service to pick up and drop off
Costs to get into the museums and places on the above schedule


Gratuities to the guide and driver
Personal things
Anything not specifically listed as included

More information: It is a good idea to bring a camera, a sun hat, and shoes that are good for walking.


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    ephesus guide
    ephesus guide

    House of Virgin Mary

    The House of Virgin Mary, located near Ephesus in Turkey, is a sacred destination that has captured the hearts of pilgrims and tourists alike. According to Christian tradition, this ancient dwelling is where the Virgin Mary spent her last years.

    Surrounded by lush landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere, it has become a symbol of peace and spirituality. Visitors to the site can explore the modest stone house, participate in ceremonies, or simply reflect on its serene surroundings.

    House of Virgin Mary Tour

    Embarking on a House of Virgin Mary Tour is an enlightening experience that brings to life one of history’s most venerated figures. As you walk through the doorways of this ancient abode, you’re stepping into a world filled with faith, history, and art.

    Guided by knowledgeable professionals, the tour not only explores the house itself but also delves into the fascinating legends and historical context surrounding the Virgin Mary’s time in Ephesus. Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or simply interested in history, this tour offers a rich and unforgettable experience.

    Ephesus Turkey

    Ephesus, located in modern-day Turkey, is one of the most significant and well-preserved ancient cities in the world. Once a bustling port city and a center of trade, Ephesus boasts an array of stunning architectural wonders, including the Library of Celsus, the Great Theatre, and the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    The city’s rich history and its blend of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine influences make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and tourists seeking a glimpse into the ancient world.

    ephesus tour from kusadasi port
    ephesus tour from kusadasi port

    Private Ephesus Tour

    A Private Ephesus Tour is a unique and personalized way to explore the remarkable ruins and treasures of Ephesus, Turkey. Tailored to your interests and pace, this exclusive experience provides an in-depth look into the city’s multifaceted history, led by expert guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

    From the intricately adorned façades to the ancient streets that echo with tales of emperors and philosophers, a Private Ephesus Tour offers an unparalleled journey into one of history’s most fascinating epochs. Whether you are a seasoned historian or a curious traveler, this private tour is designed to leave you enriched and inspired.

    Private Tours of Ephesus

    Private tours of Ephesus provide an unparalleled exploration of one of Turkey’s most renowned archaeological treasures. These tours cater to those who seek a more personalized and intimate experience. Accompanied by a professional guide with expert knowledge of Ephesian history and culture, visitors have the flexibility to customize their itinerary, spend more time at preferred sites, and ask detailed questions.

    Private tours often include comfortable transportation, meals, and an opportunity to uncover the hidden gems of Ephesus. Whether a history enthusiast or a casual traveler, a private tour of Ephesus offers a unique and unforgettable journey through time.

    Ephesus Tours

    Ephesus tours open the doors to a city that once stood as a major trading and religious hub in antiquity. Guided tours are widely available, ranging from large group excursions to more tailored private experiences. Visitors can walk the marbled streets where philosophers once strolled, explore grand theaters, libraries, and temples, and witness the majestic ruins that tell tales of a glorious past.

    Many Ephesus tours also include visits to surrounding sites such as the House of the Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis. With various options to suit all budgets and interests, Ephesus Tours offers an accessible and enriching way to explore this captivating historical landscape.

    house of the virgin mary
    house of the virgin mary

    Ephesus Tour

    An Ephesus tour is a voyage into one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world. Nestled on the western coast of modern-day Turkey, Ephesus was a crossroads of cultures and boasts a blend of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine influences. A typical tour guides visitors through iconic sites like the Library of Celsus, the Great Theatre, and the ruins of the Temple of Artemis.

    Guides often narrate the city’s rich history, from its founding to its decline, and bring to life the stories of emperors, gladiators, and ordinary citizens who once called Ephesus home. An Ephesus tour is more than a sightseeing trip; it’s a step back in time and a vibrant history lesson.

    Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Port

    Ephesus tours from Kusadasi Port are especially popular with cruise ship passengers and visitors staying in the bustling port town of Kusadasi. These tours offer convenient pick-up and drop-off at the port and include a variety of options to explore Ephesus and its surroundings. The proximity of Kusadasi to Ephesus makes it an ideal starting point for a day trip or even a half-day excursion.

    house of virgin mary tour
    house of virgin mary tour

    With an expert guide, visitors can journey through the magnificent ruins, often with options to visit other nearby attractions such as the House of the Virgin Mary or the Basilica of St. John. Ephesus tours from Kusadasi Port provide an accessible and engaging way to experience one of Turkey’s most significant historical landmarks.

    Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi Port

    Ephesus tours from Kusadasi Port offer a convenient and enriching way to experience the majestic ancient city of Ephesus. Often designed to accommodate cruise ship passengers, these tours typically provide transportation directly from the port to the historical site. The close proximity of Ephesus to Kusadasi makes it an ideal destination for day trips.

    Visitors can explore significant landmarks like the Great Theatre, the Library of Celsus, and more under the guidance of knowledgeable experts. Many tours even include options to visit other nearby attractions, such as the House of the Virgin Mary, providing a comprehensive cultural experience.

    Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi

    Ephesus tours from Kusadasi cater to those who are staying in the coastal town of Kusadasi or visiting via cruise ship. With various tour options available, ranging from private excursions to group trips, visitors can choose the experience that best suits their interests and schedule. The tours often cover prominent sites in Ephesus along with other historical and cultural attractions in the area.

    With the guidance of professional tour guides, transportation, and sometimes meals included, Ephesus tours from Kusadasi offer a seamless and memorable way to delve into the rich history of this ancient city.

    house of virgin mary
    house of virgin mary

    Ephesus Guide

    An Ephesus guide serves as a knowledgeable companion for those venturing into the world of ancient Ephesus. Professional guides are well-versed in the history, architecture, and significance of this remarkable archaeological site. Whether part of a tour group or hired privately, an Ephesus guide provides insights, anecdotes, and context that transform a walk through ruins into a vivid journey through time.

    They can tailor the experience to individual interests, answer questions, and reveal lesser-known facts about the city. Utilizing an Ephesus guide ensures a deeper understanding and appreciation of this extraordinary destination.

    Virgin Mary Turkey

    Virgin Mary Turkey refers to the House of the Virgin Mary, a sacred site located near Ephesus, Turkey. This small stone house is believed by many to be where Mary, the mother of Jesus, spent her final years. Both Christians and Muslims regard the site with reverence, and it has become an important pilgrimage destination.

    The serene ambiance of the chapel, the nearby sacred springs, and the lush surroundings create a spiritual and contemplative environment. Virgin Mary Turkey is not only a site of religious significance but also a place where visitors can find a moment of peace and reflection.


    Ephesus is one of the most iconic ancient cities in the world, located in present-day Turkey. Once a thriving port city and a center of commerce and religion, Ephesus boasts an array of stunning ruins that provide glimpses into life during antiquity. Highlights include the grand Library of Celsus, the impressive Great Theatre, and the remnants of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    Visitors can walk the marbled streets, explore the terrace houses, and marvel at the sophisticated architecture. Ephesus is more than an archaeological site; it is a testament to human ingenuity, a crossroads of civilizations, and a living museum that continues to inspire and educate.

    virgin mary turkey
    virgin mary turkey


    Q: What is Ephesus, and why is it significant?

    Ephesus is an ancient Greek city located in what is now Turkey. It is famous for its well-preserved ruins and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing significant historical, cultural, and architectural importance.

    Q: What can visitors see at the House of the Virgin Mary?

    The House of the Virgin Mary is believed to be the last residence of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Visitors can see the modest stone house, a sacred spring, and a beautiful garden with a peaceful atmosphere.

    Q: Are guided tours available for Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    Yes, our guided tours are available, providing detailed information about the history, archaeology, and significance of both sites.

    Q: How much time should I allot for the tour of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    A full-day tour is usually recommended to explore both sites thoroughly.

    Q: Is there an entrance fee for Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    Yes, entrance fees are required for both sites. Our tours include these in our packages.

    Q: Can I visit the House of the Virgin Mary without touring Ephesus?

    Yes, you can visit the House of the Virgin Mary independently, although many tourists choose to see both on the same trip.

    Q: Are there any dress code requirements for visiting these sites?

    Modest dress is generally appreciated, particularly at the House of the Virgin Mary, given its religious significance.

    Q: Is it accessible for people with disabilities?

    Some areas may be challenging for those with mobility issues, so it’s best to check with our tour provider for specific accessibility information.

    Q: Are there food and beverage facilities available on site?

    There are usually some dining options near both sites, but it may be advisable to bring water and snacks.

    Q: What is the best time of year to visit Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    Spring and autumn are ideal, as the weather is pleasant and the sites are less crowded.

    Q: Can I take photos at these sites?

    Yes, photography is typically allowed, though it might be restricted in some specific areas.

    Q: What other attractions are near Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    Nearby attractions include the Temple of Artemis, the Basilica of St. John, and the Isa Bey Mosque.

    Q: Is it safe to visit these sites?

    Generally, both sites are considered safe for tourists, but standard travel precautions should be observed.

    Q: Are there any specific customs or etiquette I should be aware of?

    Respect for the religious significance of these sites is appreciated. Following the guide’s instructions and posted signs will ensure an appropriate visit.

    Q: Can children participate in the tour?

    Yes, children are welcome but keep in mind that the historical and religious significance may be more engaging for older children and adults.

    Q: How do I get to Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary?

    We offer transportation from nearby cities like Izmir and Kusadasi. Public transportation and private vehicles are also options.

    Q: Where can I buy tickets for the tour?

    Tickets can be purchased online through various travel platforms, directly from tour providers, or possibly at your hotel’s concierge desk.

    Q: What languages are the guided tours available in?

    Tours are usually offered in various languages, including English, but it’s wise to check in advance with the provider.

    Q: Is there a gift shop at Ephesus or the House of the Virgin Mary?

    Souvenir shops are usually found at or near both sites, offering a range of products to remember your visit.

    Q: What should I bring with me on the tour?

    Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, water, and a camera are recommended items to take with you.